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I Know Content MB LLC (www.IKnowContentMBLLC.com) offers businesses original content for all of their business marketing needs. Including website design & creation, website content and website hosting. App marketing & consulting for iphone and android apps. We offer Social Media options, Facebook business page creation, content, updates to Facebook, Twitter and company blogs. Busy business owners may not have time to create marketing material and brand themselves on Facebook, Twitter and their business website. I Know Content MB LLC offers these services to businesses to increase their revenues. With more than 800 million users on Facebook alone, every business needs to create a presence and brand their business. Engaging customers will enable a business to thrive.

Our business specialty is increasing brand awareness through multi-media channels. Brand development for businesses to increase revenues and promote growth. Building businesses social network and business network through marketing campaigns. Developing unique websites to increase traffic to their business website through continuous website updates and search engine optimization. Many marketing options are available, such as creating Google ads, Facebook ads, and direct mail marketing pieces. A combination of multi-media campaigns are effective to increase client awareness and promote your businesses growth. I Know Content MB LLC uses creativity with integrity to market your business to success.

Creativity with Integrity

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