Social Media Marketing

Social Media-"Forms of electronic communication as Websites for social networking and blogging through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages and other content." -Merriam Webster

Facebook has more than 800 million active users on Facebook, half of the active users log onto Facebook multiple times in a given day. The average user connects to over 80 community pages, groups and events. Global reach, more than 70 languages are available on the site. -Facebook

Twitter-"Over 500 million active users. Twitter is an information network. Millions of people, organizations and businesses use it to discover and share new information. On Twitter, anyone can read, write and share messages of up to 140 characters. These messages or Tweets, are public and available to anyone interested in them. Twitter users can follow your account." -Twitter

Benefits of Social Media Utilization for your Business

  • Position Your Business As An Expert
  • Engage & Motivate Clients To Call You
  • Announce Events or Special Sales
  • Communicate With Many Customers At One Time
  • Market Your Business Website
  • There Are Many More Benefits

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